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Sensitive Kids & Teens 


Nurturing Empathy: A Workshop for Parents, Sensitive Kids and Teens


The Nurturing Empathy workshop is designed to empower and support empathic children and teenagers in developing their emotional intelligence and navigating their empathic abilities. This interactive and engaging workshop provides a safe space for participants to explore their unique experiences, and learn valuable skills to support their empathic nature.


Workshop Objectives:

1. Understanding Sensitive Kids: Participants will gain a deeper understanding of what energetic sensitivity is, how it works, and its significance in fostering a healthy relationship with it, and understanding it is a gift.


2. Self-Care for Empaths: Empathy can be both a gift and a challenge. This session focuses on self-care strategies, boundary-setting techniques, and coping mechanisms to prevent emotional overwhelm and promote self-nurturing.


3. Emotional Awareness and Regulation: Participants will learn to identify and manage their emotions effectively, including techniques for self-reflection, mindfulness, and stress reduction. What is their energy and what belongs to other people.


4. Effective Communication: Building on empathy, this module emphasizes active listening skills, non-verbal communication, and expressing empathy through words and actions, fostering healthy connections with others.


Workshop Format:

Video, viewed online


Target Audience:

The Nurturing Empathy workshop is tailored for parents, children and teenagers aged 10-18 who exhibit empathic tendencies and have an interest in exploring and developing their empathic abilities.



The workshop is led by experienced facilitator and Energy Healer Shelby Kushma, who specializes in empathy development, child psychology, and emotional well-being. Shelby is trained to create a nurturing and safe atmosphere that will teach you and your kids how to thrive.

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Understanding Energetically Sensitive Kids
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